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- Experience personalised lessons via Skype with a professional, friendly and a caring native teacher.

Language course skype - Learn the language of your choice (French, English, Spanish, Japanese) in a fun and relaxed atmosphere and use it immediately.
- Receive customised homework after each lesson. True quality service.
- Achieve real and consistent results and gain
confidence in speaking while learning at your own pace.
- True flexibility:
schedule your lesson from your home, office, hotel at your preferred time. Continue to study while travelling!

Since 2004, more than 4 000 students have trusted our Language learning courses!

The main ingredient of our success lies in our team of professional and friendly native teachers who take the time to personalise every single lesson according to the student's personal and professional goal. Our main purpose is to deliver true quality service to each student!
Whether you're a complete beginner or an advance speaker, and whether you are learning a foreign language for your travels, for personal achievement, for work, for school, for day to day living in a foreign country, or to pass an exam, your appointed teacher will work with you in achieving consistent results.
From the comfort of your home, office or anywhere with a good internet connection, your one on one online lesson will take place on Skype.

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Learn French Learn English Learn Spanish Learn Japanese

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